Tuesday, May 28, 2013

4.14k Within Walking Distance Challenge!

Friday June 28th, 2013 at 7am

Sisters and elders of all walking/running abilities! Join us for a walk/run around the Temple Square area on Friday June 28th, 2013 at 7am. This activity was inspired by Cristina Cano's (me) insane need to train for an upcoming race. I thought to myself "Self. Why run alone in a strange neighborhood? Ask people to join you. It will make the hills more bearable and fun!" So, I put out some feelers and people responded. Sarah (Lyon) Jackson had a brilliant idea! Why not run around to all of the places we lived in while serving our mission in the best mission in the world? Why not? Again....brilliant!

Now, I needed to do 5 miles but below sea level girl + 5 miles of above sea level mountain hills = dead Floridian girl. I tossed out the 5 miles and went for running around to all of the places we lived plus a little more. So, for all of you mile people out there 4.14k equals 2.57 miles. Not quite a 5k (3.1 miles) but I am sure the hills will even that out for me and for you. Yes, YOU! Come join me in what might be the most funnest free non-official race/mission memory tour (and training session for me) you might ever do. We lived "within walking distance of Temple Square" for fourteen months and had some good times. Let's relive some of them!

The route!
We will start at one of the local church buildings just up the street from one of our first apartments and we will end there as well. The address is 135 A Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84103

Along the way we will stop, catch our breath, and take a picture outside of each house or apartment building. Maybe share a story or two as we run/walk towards the next dwelling. If we do not have a volunteer to man the "water station" you will need to bring your own water. No passing out due to dehydration allowed on this tour!

Official "race bib"
In addition to helping me train you will also get a "race bib". Let's freak the citizens of Salt Lake City out and make them think we are part of an official race!

Want to do the challenge but think you cannot keep up? Well, it is not too late to start training. Start the Couch To 5K program or start the Jeff Galloway 5k Training Program TODAY! I use a run/walk/run method so I do not die and it has helped me to finish a ten mile race and a Half Marathon. And I am no skinny minnie I tell ya!

Sisters and elders if you want to help me train and do something super unique at our super unique mission reunion then join me Friday morning June 28th. Please email me or leave a comment below and confirm you are coming no later than June 22nd. I will need to create your bib. Can't wait to see everyone at the challenge!

~ Cristina Cano